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Robyn Luff is a mother and former teacher who is passionate about education, social justice, and democracy. Full bio here.  


Budget 2017/18

Posted on April 11, 2017

Three weeks ago, the government released its budget for 2017/18. This is a budget that I am happy to support.  It is making life more affordable for Albertans while maintaining the high quality social…

3 Reasons I Support a Price on Carbon

Posted on February 9, 2017

One of the questions that I am answering a lot lately is: Why a Carbon Price?   I think that there are in fact many reasons why a carbon price makes sense for Alberta, but I will focus here on what…

My Alberta

Posted on February 2, 2017

Lately, when I look around at what is happening in the world- be it immigration policies in the U.S or a deadly Mosque attack in Quebec- I find myself sad, frightened, and not quite sure what to say or…

Spring 2017 - Bill 1: An Act to Reduce School Fees Fall 2016 - Bill 25: Oil Sands Emissions Limit Act Fall 2016 - Bill 27: Renewable Electricity Act
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What Robyn Luff's working on

Spring 2017 - Bill 1: An Act to Reduce School Fees

School fees for instructional supplies or materials or for eligible students taking the bus to their designated schools will be eliminated or reduced. The intent of this Bill is to amend the School Act, and to allow for the creation of new regulations. These regulations will set a clear definition for…

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Fall 2016 - Bill 25: Oil Sands Emissions Limit Act

Bill 25 proposes to put a hard limit on oil sands emissions. As part of the overall Climate Leadership Plan, this will create incentives for existing and new oil sands operations to create more oil (and more value for Albertans) with fewer carbon emissions per barrel. This is part of a plan that is…

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Fall 2016 - Bill 27: Renewable Electricity Act

The Renewable Energy Act and the Renewable Energy Program proposes a competitive and transparent regulatory framework for developing renewable energy. Industry is excited about the potential for investing in Alberta once the new regulatory framework is established. The Alberta New Democrat Caucus is…

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